Capezio T10713 TUTU with Capri Mesh pant (designer Betsy Johnson) Child-Adult **Savings $25.00**

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T10713C, T10713W

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This is the ultimate in fun, funky Betsey!  WARNING: This tutu may cause inspiration, girl power, creativity, mild whimsy, artistic tendencies and urges to adventure! You may want to discontinue use of this tutu if you feel too happy, look more fabulous than friends and family can handle, or suddenly become the Goddess of Glam.  Who are we kidding, you will never discontinue use of this tutu. You will be wearing it to school.  This triple layer, romantic length tutu has a layer of rose patterned mesh sandwiched between endless tulle. It also features a pair of attached two tone leggings. The opaque “shorts” portion of the leggings features the Sassy Stripes pattern, but from mid-thigh down it is all sheer stretch mesh! While these would look amazing with heels, we suggest a funky combat boot for the ultimate Betsey look. You get bonus points if it is a K360 tap boot.  Just sayin’.

  • 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex | 100% Polyester | 100% Nylon | 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Full knee length tutu with rose mesh and tulle
  • Betsey Johnson Original print short with mesh leg